How Solar Saves You Money

This proposal will help determine if solar is a fit for you. We will guide you through the evaluation process, preliminary system design, give you an overview of Palmetto, and answer any questions you may have.



The amount that you would pay to your local power company over the next 25 years, if you maintain status quo.

Not only are you required to pay the utility's rates, you are subject to forces that impact electricity prices that are outside of your control

Production costs from non-renewable sources
Cost of delivery and maintaining grid infrastructure
Government Regulations

The following is an example projection based on historical data. Actual annual rate increase and total cost may vary.

Example Solar Energy System


How is panel placement determined?

12.4 kW - system size

31 - solar panels

15,950 kWh - est. year 1 production

98% - estimated offset

We map the irradiation (the sum of the solar energy falling on a surface in a given time-period) of your roof with high accuracy and resolution, for every square meter and for every hour of the year. Our technology takes into account local weather, as well as all shading from neighboring buildings, vegetation, and other obstructions.

This is how we determine the best location on your roof for a solar PV system that will maximize your energy production. Brighter colors represent areas that:

Receive the most aggregate sunlight through the year
Are ideal for PV system placement for different total system sizes
Produce the most electricity from solar panels

First Year Production

Your Solar Energy System

Your past year of energy consumption vs the projected production of your solar energy system.

*Energy usage data provided by Appalachian Power Co. Production and future consumption may vary based on customer usage and weather. You are responsible for paying your utility for usage over solar production and connection fees.


25 Year Savings

$71,978 - 25-year do nothing cost $30,140 - Switch to solar

Available Incentives

$7,329 - Federal Tax Incentive
$1,364 - SREC Incentive

Using Your Federal Incentive

If you apply your Federal Investment Tax Credit to your loan within the first 18 months, your payments will not increase. If state and utility incentives are available and you put them toward your loan during the first 18 months, your monthly payment should decrease. If these incentives are not applied to your loan, your monthly payment will increase starting at month 19. Tax credits and other types of incentives are not guaranteed. Contact a tax professional to determine your eligibility for any tax incentives.

Utility Costs

Local utility electricity consumption rate plan depends on the time of day such electricity is used (e.g., a "Time of Use" rate plan) then the electricity consumption cost savings enjoyed by Homeowner and attributable to the System's energy production will vary depending on the homeowner's electricity consumption habits and such utility's rate plan.

You will still have to pay fixed charges to your utility as well as any consumption greater than your solar production. Consider adding storage options to store production and offset extra consumption.

Prepare Your Home for Solar

Additional Services

Your solar consultant will help determine if the following are necessary to install a solar energy system in your home such as roof replacement or main panel upgrades.