Solar Savings

Earn Federal Tax Credit

Take advantage of incentives while they’re still around. Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) can be applied toward solar panels, solar batteries, and in-home vehicle chargers, allowing you to deduct a percentage of the equipment and installation costs of your solar energy system from your federal taxes.

Access Local Rebates and Incentives

On top of the Federal Investment Tax Credit, many states, municipalities, and even electric utilities across the United States offer tax credits, incentives, and rebates. These vary by location but our customer care specialists are familiar with the offerings in your area and can help you optimize your returns.

Pay Back Your Investment

Solar technologies have never been more affordable. With numerous financing options available, most residential customers are able to quickly save money on their electricity bill, and accelerate the time to break even on their investment.

Start Saving

The sooner you invest, the sooner you can start saving. Solutions Solar and Roofing customers can save thousands over the lifetime of their solar energy systems, and often earn money on surplus power through net metering programs and solar renewable energy credits (SRECs). Meanwhile, the cost of grid electricity continues to increase.